What to shred to prevent identify theft

To help prevent identity theft, shred anything that has your: birth date, signature, account number, password, or social security number And for Pete’s sake, please shred all credit card applications! Not all shredders are created equal! I recommend investing in a high quality, cross-cut (rather than vertical cut) shredder. Fellowes makes excellent shredders which will … Read moreWhat to shred to prevent identify theft

Stuff that sells best on Craigslist

Clearing out the attic or garage, and thinking about selling your unwanted items online? Here’s some advice from my experience about items that tend to sell best (i.e., quickly and easily) on Craigslist: Furniture Sporting goods and camping gear Small kitchen appliances Musical instruments Lawn equipment Pet-related items Automobiles Electronics can sell well, but it … Read moreStuff that sells best on Craigslist

Get your e-mail inbox into shape

This week, my friend Julia attended a workshop called “Reboot Your Work: Modern Methods for Productivity, Sanity, and Control”, presented by productivity consultant Matt Cornell. (Oooh! I wish I could have gone too!!) I thought Matt had a good suggestion for people whose e-mail inboxes are out of control. One not-so-productive workshop trainee (we’ll call … Read moreGet your e-mail inbox into shape