Guide to clutter-free gift giving

Sparkleize encourages sensible, sustainable Gift Baskets for Women buying that won’t lead to bulging closets and clogged attics. Some favorite clutter-free gift ideas: One-year gift membership to Consumer Reports or Angie’s List. Both are useful and promote responsible consumer choices – gifts which keep on giving! Donate to a charity in honor of someone. So many hard-working organizations need your money way … Read moreGuide to clutter-free gift giving

Help for family and friends of compulsive hoarders

I’m no expert by any means, but people ask me for advice about compulsive hoarding all the time. Through Internet research and exchanging experiences with others in the professional organizing community, I have compiled the following resources that may be helpful. Compulsive hoarding syndrome (also known as hoarding disease) is a psychiatric condition related to … Read moreHelp for family and friends of compulsive hoarders

Guide to donating and recycling

Hey Sparkleize readers, think environmentally responsible organizing! If you live in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area North Carolina, please check out the new Crystal’s Triangle-Area Guide to Donating and Recycling. I’d appreciate any comments or feedback you may have. With the input of others, I’m hoping it will become more and more comprehensive and useful over … Read moreGuide to donating and recycling