What paperwork to keep and for how long

Struggling with paperwork and filing? Check out this handy 1-page reference document, “What Paperwork to Keep and For How Long?” Thoughts on this? Other ideas? Post a comment, or write to Crystal and let her know! [ lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 | women use viagra | lamictal 50mg pills $259.00 | abana 60 tablet bottle $43.00 … Read moreWhat paperwork to keep and for how long

Guide to clutter-free gift giving

Sparkleize encourages sensible, sustainable gift buying that won’t lead to bulging closets and clogged attics. Some favorite clutter-free gift ideas: One-year gift membership to Consumer Reports or Angie’s List. Both are useful and promote responsible consumer choices – gifts which keep on giving! Donate to a charity in honor of someone. So many hard-working organizations need your money way more than your … Read moreGuide to clutter-free gift giving