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Sparkleize offers how-to articles and affordable services to help you get organized.

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Crystal gives free advice about home organizing via e-mail. E-mail her with your questions and receive personalized suggestions.
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About Sparkleize

Crystal established Sparkleize in 2008 to serve the Triangle area (Durham/Chapel Hill/Raleigh). She provides affordable in-home services to help people resolve their organizational challenges and learn new techniques for staying organized.


Crystal’s organizing philosophies:

  1. Respect people’s space and belongings.
  2. Support and encourage, never judge.
  3. Recognize that small changes are huge accomplishments! Every organizing victory begins with one piece of clutter.


Crystal believes:

  • Organizing should not cost a lot of money. Most people already have in their home everything they need to accommodate their possessions and live in a happy, organized, and productive manner.
  • Being organized does not mean some huge life overhaul. All that is required is a dose of inspiration, a bit of motivation, and the desire to change a few simple habits.

E-mail Crystal for free, personalized online help, or take advantage of her affordable organizing services.

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