10 tips for organizing your closet

Sparkleize recommends organizing your clothing closet twice yearly. Haven’t done it in a while? Set a date to organize your closet this month!

I’ve just narrowed down my own closet to only high quality pieces that serve me well on a regular basis. I use two criteria for knowing whether to keep something: (1) I wear it very often; and/or (2) I treasure it with all my heart. This has left me with 4 shirts, 5 blouses, 4 sweaters, 2 jeans, 2 slacks and 4 dresses: a sleeker, simpler wardrobe which I like so much more than my previous closet full of stuff that made me go “meh”.

If you’re stumped on where to begin or need some inspiration, here’s how I recommend getting started:

  1. Gather three boxes, bins or bags, and label them “Donate”, “Consign” and “Trash/repurpose”.
  2. Ready, set, go! You’re gonna have to make some tough decisions. Enlist a buddy if it would be helpful!
  3. Retire the old. Is anything stained or completely worn out? Remove these items from the closet.
  4. Be honest about what fits you. If it doesn’t fit you now, and it hasn’t fit you for the past calendar year, it probably never will. It’s time to let it go!
  5. Examine what you wear most frequently in terms of style, versatility, comfort and fit. After all, there’s a good reason that your favorite pair of pants are your favorites! The more you learn about your own likes and dislikes, the better you’ll become at shopping effectively for yourself next time. Be ruthless: If you haven’t worn something in the past calendar year, you’re NOT going to!
  6. Get seasonal. Box up wintertime clothing such as sweaters, fleece vests and warm pants. Clearly label those boxes, and store them in an accessible area of the attic, basement or garage so you can pull them out again next fall.
  7. Consign your nicer items to a consignment shop. Bring clean, seasonally appropriate pieces which are in good condition. (Call first to find out whether you need an appointment.) Consigning will leave you with a bit of extra cash, or store credit so you can add some new oomph to your wardrobe.
  8. Donate the rest of your gently worn (still wearable) clothes to your local donation center, thrift store or homeless shelter.
  9. Repurpose any items that are longer wearable. For example, old socks make great chew toys for dogs and t-shirts can become cleaning rags!
  10. Tidy up. Store properly the clothes you intend to keep! Neatly fold and stack your knit and casual wear. Dressier items like slacks and blouses should be ironed and hung up. Facing clothing the same way and hanging them on quality, matching hangers will create a sense of uniformity and order.

Celebrate your newly organized wardrobe!

Thoughts on this? Other ideas? Post a comment, or write to Crystal and let her know!