Our teeny front yard makeover

A couple weeks ago my husband and I cleaned up and re-bordered one of our flower beds. We were inspired by this helpful article in the Washington Post which recommends (1) removing vegetation and (2) redefining lines. All in all, the project wasn’t too bad, and we can recommend it to you as a half day project that will leave you feeling accomplished. The following is what we did and the lessons we learned.




What it took:

We finished the whole project in about 4 hours including shopping time. Cost was $172 + tax for bricks and mulch. We used a leaf rake, grass shears, small hand saw and garden trowel.

What we did:

  • Clipped the monkey grass with shears; cut down small dead tree with saw.
  • Raked out all the dead leaves and debris.
  • Removed old soggy border.
  • Measured the border, bought bricks, laid bricks. (That was the fun part!)
  • Re-mulched the bed.

Tips for success:

  • Use string to measure the length of wall you want to create, then divide by measurement of each brick. This will give you the close approximation of the number of bricks you’ll need.
  • Double check your count of bricks at the store! (We had to go back a second time for more because we miscounted. Oops!)
  • Lay the bricks on a tarp or blanket to prevent damage to your car.
  • Wear gloves so you don’t hurt your hands.
  • Use a trowel (where needed) to dig out the earth and ensure a flat surface for laying each brick.

Thoughts on this? Other ideas about deck installation maybe? Post a comment, or write to Crystal and let her know!