How to stop forgetting people’s birthdays

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There are many ways to stop forgetting birthdays, but the following is one I recommend.

First of all, I hope you use an online calendar like Google Calendar. Someday soon I’m going to post about all the many, many benefits of using Google Calendar, only one of which is to help you stop forgetting people’s birthdays.

In Google Calendar, do this for each of your friends’ and family members’ birthdays:

  1. Click “Create Event”.
  2. Set up the person’s birthday as though it were any other event – e.g., add “Pam’s birthday” in the “What” line.
  3. Click on the drop-down box that says “Repeat”. Set this birthday event to repeat yearly until infinity by indicating “Never” for the ending date.
  4. Click “Add Reminder” and set up at least one reminder. You can choose whether the system sends you an e-mail or text message to remind you about the event and how far in advance. For example, I like it remind me via e-mail 1 week before the birthday so I can  write a card, plan a party, etc., and another reminder via text on the day of so I can call the person to wish him/her happy birthday.
  5. Click “Save”, and voila! You only have to do this once per person, and you’ll never forget another birthday again.

Thoughts on this? Other ideas? Post a comment, or write to Crystal and let her know!