Another green idea for reducing clutter

istock_000007262651xsmallFew people realize that in most towns across the USA, mixed paper can be recycled with your weekly recycling pick-up.

To find out whether your town does, Google your local solid waste management program. You can also check Earth911 to find a drop-off center near you.

What is mixed paper?

  • Paper of all kinds – not just newspapers and office paper! We mean junk mail, construction paper, old birthday cards, cardstock, paper shopping bags, and any other non-standard paper. Staples are fine.
  • Paperboard. Shoeboxes, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, etc which are clean and dry – no food contamination!
  • Soft books of all kinds. Phone books, paperback novels and catalogs are examples.

How to recycle mixed paper at your home or office:

  1. Designate a bin, box or bag for mixed paper in your home or office. I use an inexpensive crate like this one.
  2. Deal with junk mail right away. Do NOT set it aside for later. Put your junk mail directly into your mixed paper bin so it doesn’t pile up! Remember: Envelopes with plastic windows cannot be recycled, but their contents can! Shred any credit card offers.
  3. Make mixed paper recycling a habit. Each time you receive a package, finish off a box of cereal, or pay bills, gather your mixed paper and head toward the recycle bin!
  4. Put your bin out on recycling pick day along with your other recyclables.

Ready to go a step further? Simplify your paperwork.

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