Less packaging, less clutter

One easy way to work toward a simpler, less cluttered lifestyle is to choose products with less packaging.

As an example, opt for bar soap – which comes simply wrapped in paper – instead of liquid hand soap dispensers.

Plastic containers of liquid hand soap may seem convenient.

Yet the simple act of choosing bar soap saves time and money spent having to refill or replace sticky, half-empty containers of liquid soap. As we all know, production of plastic containers require fossil fuels, and these containers usually get tossed into the trash. Even if you do recycle, they are a pain to clean out.

Reasons to buy local, handmade bar soap:

  • Handmade soap from your local farmer’s market smells great (I choose scents like Lemon Verbena, Bergamot and Coriander, Lavender, and Mint);
  • They are usually made with natural ingredients which can be gentler on your hands than your average liquid soap;
  • They are fun to use;
  • Your purchase of these types of bar soap supports artisans and the local economy.

Need a soap dish for your new bar soap? I had fun picking out handmade stoneware soap dishes from Etsy.

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