Snag a bag!

Being organized can be great for the environment too, and this easy solution only takes a moment:

  1. Right this second, head over to wherever you keep your reusable cloth shopping bags.
  2. Grab at least one, and put it either in your purse (yes, they can fold up pretty small) or in the trunk of your car. Better yet, put them in both places!
  3. Now use them whenever you go to the store (any store). Politely but firmly refuse the store’s bags. In doing so, you will help to cut down on the sad environmental impact caused by the plastic grocery bag. Hooray!

Don’t have a cloth shopping bag?

You can buy them at most grocery stores for $.99 near the check-out line. You can also purchase fun, crazy colorful ones here. There’s also this beautiful set from Amazon. Cafepress makes many witty bags. If you’re the DIY type, check out this how-to and make your own bag!

Already have a ton of plastic bags at home? Reuse them, or recycle them!