How to stop procrastinating

I really like blog posts that challenge me to do better. Like this one from Susan Sabo’s Productivity Cafe. Her advice motivated me to stop procrastinating on something important I’ve been meaning to do.

What I did:

According to Susan, acknowledging your procrastination and telling someone about it are the first steps. First, I told my husband Clinton today that I had been procrastinating on writing out the major scales for my violin teacher.

Next, I tried to break down the process a bit. I managed to print out the blank music paper. Hey, baby steps, right?

Then, per Susan’s advice, I asked Clinton to hold me accountable for this task. Today by 4:30 PM, I need to write out seven scales and show them to him.

Finally, I was to come up with either a prize or punishment for the outcome. As my “prize” for writing out the scales, I get to watch as many episodes of the X-Files tonight as my little brain can handle.

Now if I can just stop blogging and get started…

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