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Use Backpack to keep track of your previous addresses

- Author: Crystal - No Comments

Yesterday’s article on Unclutterer.com highlighted the importance of keeping track of your previous addresses.

Having lived about a zillion places in the past 10 years, I keep track of all my former residences on a Backpack page called “Past Addresses”. With Backpack, I can reach all my important information (like Past Addresses!) from any computer – at work, at home, or on the road – and from my iPhone.

How does it work? Very simply. Once you are logged in, you make pages. On each page, you choose to start a list, add notes, or upload files. You can share your pages with other people, or just keep them to yourself.

Why I love Backpack. Backpack costs $7 per month for an individual account. That is CRAZY cheap considering all the use I get out of it! Backpack has saved me from many potentially complicated and stressful situations by providing information and files to me that I need in an organized, intuitive way. I could not live without it.

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