$ saver: Put your shower curtain liner in the washing machine

Thanks to my new friend Kristina R. (Durham, NC), I now realize that I can stop buying shower curtain liners so frequently.

Old idea: I used to buy the thicker, more expensive “mildew proof” type of semi-opaque shower curtain liner. I’d use it for a few months but then throw it out once the mold and scum would creep in.

New idea:

When the mildew shows up, simply detach the liner from your rod, wad it up and throw it in the washer with a load of bath towels or other clothes. Add half the amount of detergent you’d usually use, along with about a half cup of baking soda. Set the machine to GENTLE and COLD water. (Do NOT put the liner into the dryer afterward, duh.) The result is extraordinary!

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