Oops! Top 10 Organizing Mistakes

One of the better articles I’ve read about organizing is “Oops! The Top 10 Organizing Mistakes” by Pamela Kramer.

I cannot agree more with her on Mistake #7: Buying Containers Too Soon!

We all do it. We get jazzed about organizing and rush out to buy an assortment of bins and racks. Then we get home and find out that our new organizers don’t fit in the closet, or the things we want to organize don’t fit in our fancy new containers. “You’re left with organizers that just add more clutter to your space,” says Lisa Zaslow, founder of Gotham Organizers in New York City.
TRY: Sorting and measuring before you shop. Pull together the items you want to organize, and toss or give away what you no longer need or love. “This gives you a sense of what you have and what you need, such as buying a rack for your 10 pairs of shoes,” says Zaslow. Measure the height, width and depth of the space you have available, and take the list with you to the store so you can determine which containers will fit.

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