An organizer’s clothes closet, revealed!

In this article, I share some photos of the inside of my clothes closet, as well as the strategies I use to keep it organized.

Here are some of my secrets:

Store items by type. In general, items are grouped by type: Shirts on the left side; Pants/Skirts on the bottom right; Shoes on the floor; Luggage in the middle; Purses at the very top. (See photo below.)

Be strict about what you keep. I only store in this closet the purses and luggage that I actually use and clothes which fit and are well-liked, worn regularly, seasonally appropriate, and in good condition.

Container-ize it! I don’t have a dresser, so I use baskets and bins (see photo below) to keep my small items organized: one for sports socks; one for dress socks and hosiery; one for hats, gloves, bandanas and swimsuits; and two for undergarments. Belts and scarves hang on the far right.

Maximize the space available. Closet organizers like these (see photo below) which hang from your closet shelves are inexpensive and very, very useful. Indeed, they instantly add more usable space to your closet! I store less bulky shoes such as sandals and heels in one and my casual and sports clothing in another.

Group tops by color. Finally, I like to keep my tops organized by color group: Reds/Pinks/Yellows, followed by Greens/Blues/Purples, and then Browns/Whites/Blacks. Jackets and dresses are on the far right. Grouping my clothing this way helps me more quickly and easily select what I want to wear each day, based on my mood.

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