Three secrets to maintaining an organized closet

My own closet maintenance strategies are actually pretty simple. Here is what I recommend:

  1. Be very strict about what you keep. Closet space is so precious! If any item in my closet does not meet the following criteria, it means that it is time to give it away: (1) It fulfills an immediate or imminent need; (2) It is not broken, expired, stained, or worn out; (3) I use it at least once per year.
  2. Keep things visible. If it can be seen, it can be found. Thus, everything should be in plain sight when you open those closet doors! If it is not realistic for every single individual item to be visible, then I group and “container-ize” similar objects and label them; I then make sure the labels are visible!
  3. Organize your closet at least twice a year.

Important note: These three strategies work best for maintaining a closet which is already at least somewhat organized. If your closet is an unsightly mess and you want to avoid thinking about it entirely, you probably first need get your closet in some kind of reasonable order! Read this article for step-by-step help.

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