It’s “Sort your Sock Drawer” day!

Quick! When you get home from work today, head straight over to your sock drawer and take five minutes to do the following:

  1. Empty it out.
  2. Put matching pairs together however you wish – folding, tying, clipping, whatever.
  3. Examine the toes and heels of all the socks. Do you see holes? Can they be mended?
  4. If you find socks that can be mended, get out your sewing kit, and put the to-be-mended socks with the sewing kit in a high visibility location. Now put the following on your to do list: “Mend socks”. Don’t know how to mend a sock? Learn today!
  5. If you find lone socks which have no buddy, or socks that cannot be mended, take them out of the drawer immediately (this is very important). Consider alternative uses for them, such as cleaning rags, pillow stuffing, sock monkeys, or tug toys for dogs. If they are 100% cotton, you can compost them. If all other options fail, throw them out. Whatever you do, just don’t put them back into the sock drawer!
  6. Determine whether or not you need new socks. If yes, put this on your shopping list.

Have more ideas? Post a comment, or write to Crystal and let her know!