Motivation to reduce consumption and clutter!

If you need some strong motivation to reduce the clutter in your home and life, I recommend checking out this short (and very entertaining!) 20-minute video called The Story of Stuff. In a fun and interesting way, this short movie teaches you a great deal about how factories, governments, consumer marketing and the environment are all connected. Very inspiring!

CRYSTAL SAYS, here are some key actions we can take to reduce our consumption and clutter:

  • Spend quality time with our children. We can teach them that the things of value in life are love, family, community and leisure time – rather than STUFF!
  • Surround ourselves with people who live out values of simplicity, care for the environment and make us feel good without regard to the STUFF WE OWN. Our neighbors, co-workers and friends can influence us in ways we don’t realize. It’s so much healthier not to have people around you who make you feel inadequate. Feelings of inadequacy leads our society to shop!
  • If we feel the need to buy something new at the store, let’s ask ourselves (1) “Do I really need this thing, or do I want it?”, and (2) “Why do I want this thing?” We should take some time to very honestly and thoughtfully consider the answers. If you do indeed feel you want the item, wait one week before purchasing it. Then ask yourself the questions again. Imagine your life without the item. Would we feel an emptiness, and could we fill the emptiness with something more fulfilling and long-lasting, like spending time with a friend, calling your sister on the phone, going on a walk, or volunteering?
  • Consider whether we absolutely must have a brand new item. Could we buy a used model instead?
  • Consider whether we absolutely must have this item all to ourselves. Could we borrow this thing from a friend, or perhaps trade them for it in exchange for something else? Could we split the cost with others and share it?
  • Consider reducing the amount of time we spend watching TV. Television, with all its ads and shallow messages, makes us want to own more stuff.

Do you have additional thoughts? Write to Crystal and let her know!