Mathematical formula for old t-shirts!

Dear Crystal,
Is there a rule of thumb about how many old t-shirts to keep around the house? I have trouble letting them go, because I use them when I go on power walks or clean the house. But there has to be limit. True confession: I even take my teenage daughter’s t-shirts out of the Salvation Army bag or trash can because I can even use her old ones.

Cindy in South Carolina

istock_000005674787xsmallCrystal says: Cindy, you’re right! There ought to be some sort of rule to limit how many old t-shirts to keep around the house! I think it’s reasonable to say that you will only need as many t-shirts as you use, taking into consideration that you can wash and wear them again.

Let’s use a simple mathematical formula to make things easier:

[X/Y]*2.5 = T

In more detail:

[ X # of times per week (maximum) that you go on a power walk and clean the house
÷ divided by
Y # of times per week you do the laundry ]
* multiplied by 2.5 for good measure
= the number of old t-shirts you should keep around the house!

EXAMPLE: Let’s say that you power walk twice per week and clean the house twice per week. Also, you typically do the laundry twice per week. Thus, your formula would be 4 ÷ 2 = 2. Now let’s multiply that subtotal by 2.5 to give you a few extra shirt options to choose from. This gives you a grand total of 5 old t-shirts! (Readers: if your calculation results in a non-whole number, be sure to round up!)

CONCLUSION: This formula will help you keep the number of old t-shirts you own to a reasonable maximum! When your old t-shirts get worn out, you can always replace them with new, incoming t-shirts. Just be sure to throw out or donate the worn ones each time you acquire a new one!

Dear readers: Have suggestions about my math? Have some more ideas? Write to Crystal and let her know!