How to stop junk mail


Not only is junk mail bad for the environment, it is also just plain annoying. Thankfully, you can stop junk mail from coming to your mailbox!

To stop junk mail, write to the following three addresses:
Mail Preference Service/Telephone Preference Service Direct Marketing Association
PO Box 90008
Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008
(Request that your name not be put on any new mailing lists)

ADVO – System, Inc.
Director of List Maintenance
239 West Service Road
Hartford, CT 06120-1280
(Request to be removed from current mailing lists)

Customer Services Department
National Demographics and Lifestyles
Denver, CO 80202
(Send a request every 9 months asking to be removed from new & current mailing lists)

You can also:

  • Return the unwanted mail to sender, or send a note asking to be removed from their list in their postage-paid or return mail envelope.
  • Call unwanted catalog companies and ask to be removed from their list.

Thanks to the City of Durham for these great tips!

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