Road ready: Organize your car!

An organized car will help you navigate the challenges of life with less hassle. The time is NOW to get your trunk and glove compartment in ship-shape condition!

Here’s how to begin:

  • Gather your important documents. These might include current car registration, proof of insurance, roadside assistance information, and any other important paperwork you may need when on the road. Paperclip it together – or better yet, put them in a clear plastic envelope. Store this in the glove compartment for easy access.
  • Throw away the garbage! Chuck all the fast food bags, greasy napkins and old grocery lists stuck under the seat.
  • File away car maintenance paperwork you might have tossed onto the backseat, such as receipts and documentation from past oil changes or repairs.
  • Assemble useful trunk items. These might include: jumper cables, tire iron, rubber gloves (these come in handy when changing a car battery, for example), glass cleaner, paper towels, large road atlas, rain poncho, emergency blanket, flashlight, extra flashlight batteries, clean towels, change of clothing including socks and shoes, a large jug of spring water, and an economy-size box of energy bars for emergencies.
  • Consider purchasing a sturdy crate to store automotive necessities in the trunk. A crate keeps stuff from rolling around and getting jumbled up back there. Keep an extra crate handy (they can fold up!) for groceries or other purchases.
  • Got kids? Consider a backseat storage device for keeping toys and other kid-related items (handy wipes, snacks, etc) from getting strewn about.

Want to keep your car orderly? Follow these simple rules:

  1. Get the trash out. Each day after work, park near your trash can and empty the car of any garbage, no matter how small.
  2. Don’t use your trunk as a storage space for anything other than automotive necessities. Period.
  3. Make plans to get those errands done. Have items in bags you need to return to the store? Boxes of stuff to take to the donation center? Stuff you borrowed and need to give back to your friend? Get it done and it won’t pile up in the car.

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