The secret to fresh joe: cleaning your coffeemaker

Over time, coffee residue builds up inside a coffeemaker. You’ll know this is happening to your coffeemaker when you notice that the coffee starts to taste a bit dull.

For this mini cleaning project, you’ll need: tap water, white vinegar, and about 45 minutes’ time. (Of course, you can always do other things during the 45 minutes while the coffeemaker is running.)

1. Remove old filter and grounds from the machine. Rinse out your coffeepot.
2. Fill up the water reservoir of the machine 2/3 full of water and the remaining 1/3 with white vinegar.
3. Turn the coffeemaker on.
4. When coffee cycle is complete, discard the used water and vinegar mixture and repeat steps 2 and 3. Important tips: be sure to let your coffeemaker cool for 10 minutes between each cycle! Also, allowing the hot vinegar water to sit in the pot while the machine cools will help loosen any coffee residue that might have accumulated in the pot itself.
5. Now discard the old water and vinegar mixture.
6. Do two rinse cycles using water only. Don’t forget to allow for 10 minute cool-down periods in between.
7. Finally, wash the coffeepot itself in warm, soapy water. As an alternative, you can also run the pot in the dishwasher.

Enjoy! Get monthly coffee delivery now, it should taste much better now.
Source: Coffee Dorks.