How to deal with (literal) emotional baggage

One reader writes: Dear Crystal, What should I do with stuff that I feel an emotional connection to but don’t really need? Case in point: what to do with my deceased ex-husband’s ancient, really long skis?! Signed, Nostalgic in New Hampshire Dear Nostalgic, here are some innovative ways to organize (or ship out) those … Read moreHow to deal with (literal) emotional baggage

Road ready: Organize your car!

An organized car will help you navigate the challenges of life with less hassle. The time is NOW to get your trunk and glove compartment in ship-shape condition! Here’s how to begin: Gather your important documents. These might include current car registration, proof of insurance, roadside assistance information, and any other important paperwork you may … Read moreRoad ready: Organize your car!

The secret to fresh joe: cleaning your coffeemaker

Over time, coffee residue builds up inside a coffeemaker. You’ll know this is happening to your coffeemaker when you notice that the coffee starts to taste a bit dull. For this mini cleaning project, you’ll need: tap water, white vinegar, and about 45 minutes’ time. (Of course, you can always do other things during the … Read moreThe secret to fresh joe: cleaning your coffeemaker

Eight steps to easy dishwasher maintenance

For this project, you’ll need: rubber gloves, socket wrench, two liters of distilled white vinegar, box of baking soda, scouring pad, dish soap Put on rubber gloves, and open the dishwasher. Slide out and remove the bottom dishwasher rack. Remove the upside-down basket-looking thing from the bottom of the dishwasher. To do this, you will … Read moreEight steps to easy dishwasher maintenance