Let’s work side by side as a team. Together we can:

Eliminate clutter.  We’ll pare down your items and organize what you do want to keep. Any areas of your choice – closets, garage, office, attic, file cabinet, bookshelves, tool shed, storage unit, and more. Together we will sort, label and file. I can haul things away for you if you wish.

Organize paperwork. I’ll set up a simple system to help you stay on top of incoming mail and bills. I can create a new filing system for you OR help you overhaul an existing one.

Downsize. I’ll help you consolidate your belongings, identify items to donate, and effectively store or display the items you do want to keep.

Transform your junk room into a home office, guest room, nursery or workshop.

Pack and unpack.

Solve difficult organizational problems in the home or office.

Wipe data and recycle your old computer. Developed in partnership with my computer-expert husband, Sparkle-WIPE is a program that detects and completely deletes the contents of any hard disk. I will take your computer to our office to run the Sparkle-WIPE program. It will completely delete your computer’s contents and protect your identity. If you plan to sell your computer, I’ll return it to your home for your convenience. If you’d like to donate your computer, I will take it to Triangle Ecycling which recycles electronics and trains Durham public school students to refurbish and repair computers.

Remove unwanted items. I’ll take items you no longer need in your home to donation centers or the local recycling convenience site.

Maintain organization. I will coach you through practical organization strategies to help you *stay* organized.


$79 for a 2-hour organizing session. Includes complimentary hauling of any donations to Scrap Exchange, Pennies for Change, Triangle Ecycling, etc.

Payment is due at the end of the organizing session. Acceptable payment types are cash, check, credit card, and PayPal/Square/Venmo.

I’m welcoming new customers who live in Durham zip codes, and any former clients at their addresses.